TI 83 BASIC Tutorial



By, Jacob W. Tatay

Welcome to this guide to programming your TI 83 with TI BASIC.

This guide is here to help you understand how to program your TI 83, and more. This guide will also give you tips about how to make your "code" efficent, and the theory behind programming your TI 83.

Now you may think this is going to be a boring, all-scientific, hard to understand guide,full of techno talk. I promise you it won't! I will make this guide as enjoyable aspossible. But you must still put effort into learning TI-BASIC.

Much of the matterial in here I have gotten from the TI 83 manual (chapter 16),and tutorials. I will reference parts of this guide to the Manual, so that you knowwhere to look for this fuction, or that command.

You will learn by example, therefore you should have a TI 83 calculator

What this guide is not is a how to guide on using your calculator. I will not describe in detail every function, tip, and trick. Read your manual for that, it does a very good job.

Questions? E-mail me at jwtatay@wi.rr.com

Below are the chapters in which this guide is divided into.

Good Luck

Chapter 1

Introduces you to your TI 83

Chapter 2

First steps into programming your TI 83

Chapter 3

Equations and Variables

Chapter 4

Output and Input

Chapter 5

Dicision Making

Chapter 6


Chapter 7


Chapter 8

Putting it all together

Chapter 9





The author is not responsible for any damage incured from use of this guide. I have tried my best to make this guide as correct as possible. If you see a mistake, E-mail me about it.